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Let's talk about Budget.

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

A jar full of money and a plant on top


There are multiple facets that need to be accounted for during an event, whether it be as large as our Annual Hindu Fest or a homely celebration. Decorations, catering, guests, invitations, etc. - so many tasks fight to take the position at the top of your to-do lists. However, the one block that many of our clients face is the big B. Budget. The money talk seems to scare most people, and often hinders the progress of moving forward on the numerous tasks at hand. While money can seem to be the defining factor of your events capability, it doesn't have to be the limiting factor. Here are a few ways that can help lower that big number to something a little more manageable.

Wedding and/or event decorations, a venue with decoracted tables for dinner

  • Off - Season is In Season

While it might seem like certain season is ideal for your event, espeically when it comes to things like weddings and engagements, off-season is your bestfriend if you are trying to saving a few bucks. Most venues will shave off a substantial amount off of their rental fees during the November to March season, giving you ample wiggle-room in your budget.

  • In - Season is also In Season?

Okay, the title is off - but the season isn't! While off-season is great to book in your venue for, in-season considerations should include flowers and food. Buying something during peak season means vendors already have a large stock of it at a lower cost - plus points if you buy locally, which not only lowers the price more by eradicating transport costs, but is also environment friendly.

  • The A-List

This might seem like the obvious one - and yet this is the one most people have trouble with. A large guest list might seem like a sure-fire way to making your event a grand spectacle, but not only does it create more work for you, it also surges your costs. Besides, having an intimate event might actually make it more memorable. You'll have more time and energy to actually interact with everyone present!

An event planner fixing the decorations on a table for a wedding

  • Event Planner

It might be tempting to leave a Day-Of Coordinator or Event Planner out of the budget, but trust us (and almost every other blog you migth find on event budgets), you need to get someone to take of all of this. An event planner will not only save you money by finding you great deals, but will also save you time, take over majority of tasks, and provide many ways to fulfil your vision at half the cost. Plus, if you choose a quality firm, you might get to take advantage of some special perks. For example, KrishnaKul Designs offers many complimentary services as well as gifts customized specifically to the event and client.

  • Help? Help.

You might think you have to do it all yourself, but you don't! Many event planning services provide consultations where you can ask any questions you might have, from venues to budgeting tips - all at only a fraction of the cost (at least, here at KrishnaKul Designs)!

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