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Celebrating Overseas

What time is it? The holidays! While many people are booking flights back home, plenty of us will be staying here and celebrating with friends and family. Like everyone else, the KrishnaKul Designs team is taking it upon themselves to overthink everything related to culture and family during this time - because life is apparently already too easy.

It can be a task uprooting your life and shifting to a new country, a different part of the world, a new life. For a lot of us, our parents and grandparents took the drastic big first steps - for others, we are the first of our families to step outside of the border lines. While migrating changes many aspects of our life, a part of us always lives and yearns for the celebrations and gatherings back home. Our diversity, heritage, and family, after all, are not only incessant roots connecting us with our histories but are also essential pieces of our identity.

people playing holi with many colours in the streets of India

Therefore, it can be difficult finding the same elements of traditions and rituals so far away from home, especially when it comes to festivals and weddings. As a traditional Hindu from India, I know I desperately miss the pomp and show during big family events. Of course, as an event planner, I have the resources to replicate to some extent the conventional splendor but I recognize not everyone has that luxury. Thus, here are some of our team favorites ways to bring a touch of tradition to contemporary lifestyle, without spending thousands on holiday flights!

  1. Straight From The Source

Probably one of the more obvious and commonly practiced options on this list is getting materials straight from the source. A big part of events is the food and set-up, so there is nothing better than getting some ethnic decor elements shipped out and a food truck booked. This can be a bit more expensive, though, so be careful of which businesses you choose to buy from. If you’d rather not keep boxes of decor in your basement, then you can even rent some of the bigger things from local shops.

2. DIY It Up

A person cutting colourful paper for DIY's and craft projects

While this one requires a lot more hard work on your part, it’s definitely more economical and creative. Of course, you’ll have to do some research and practice, but once you get the hang of it, it can be a really fun activity to do with friends and family. Just make sure to start well in advance so you can get a good collection going before the holidays roll around! Feel free to contact us for some ideas or guidance too - our creative members love to chat!

3. Community First

More often than not, groups, clubs, and organizations host large community events to celebrate regional and ethnic holidays. So make sure to check around to see if there are any celebrations in your city - maybe even host your own!

4. Shameless Plug, but Hire Us!

Yes I know, cringe alert. Still, hire us! Our team would love to give your celebrations an amazing and luxurious twist, all without making your wallet feel a little light. Let us take the load off of you and plan your celebrations, no matter how big or small. Contact us today to get a free consultation!

an urli filled with water surrounded by Diya's and flower petals, marigolds, for the celebration of Diwali

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